Why Us


It started when we noticed high quality safety equipment coming onto the market. At the time there was concern about kids safety. In Europe school children are wearing Hi-Vis vests while they are on excursions with their teachers, or going to and from school. Being a team focussed on delivering great value with good service means all schools can have them.


At HI VIS 4 KIDS, our goal is to ensure that every child is visible when on a school excursion, so they return home safely to the school and their parents.


Our Vis Vests are a safety aid that is extremely obvious in retrospect, but if a Hi-Vis 4 Kids vest saves just one life - it will be an excellent outcome.


All Products are delivered via the Postal Service. An additional charge will be incurred for express delivery. We will endeavour to have in stock orders in the post within 3 working days.
Customised orders require a longer period. Please ensure that a valid delivery address is supplied.
We accept most credit cards. 


We keep our promises
We deliver on time

We are knowledgeable of our marketplace with combined experience of over 30 years.
We are trained to be able to perform our roles to the highest standard


We are courteous
We do not let customers down
We hold a genuine interest in our products

We strive to meet and exceed the requirements of our customers.
We respond to enquiries promptly.


Our vests are inexpensive, and possibly the best money you will ever spend on the children in your care.
We offer the best value vests in the market, we also seek to bring them to you at the best possible price..