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Have you noticed school children wearing Hi-Vis vests while they were on excursions with their teachers, or going to and from school. We did!

Once you see it you think 'why don’t all schools have them to keep our children safe?'

Hi-Vis 4 Kids is owned and run by people with a passion. Our mission is to ensure every Pre-School, Primary and Special Education School student is protected to the highest degree when traveling and participating in school excursions.

This enables teachers to ensure their duty of care is exemplary and it aides every school to meet the exacting and mandatory safety standards as outlined by the school’s governing body and political requirements.

We have been doing this for years and have happy teachers and team leaders all round the world.

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Custom Logo For Your School

Get your school’s name, phone number or logo added to the vest to give added security and information increasing safety.

Ensure the students in your care are protected when participating in excursions. Protect children in your care when travelling to and from school.

Hi Vis 4 Kids vests come in a range of beautiful colours including the most popular bright yellow and the pretty pink; which is extremely popular with young girls.

The Hi Vis 4 Kids range extends beyond vests and into things you need to keep kids safe and happy on a field trip. We have bags, hats and other useful products. Bright colours mean drivers and pedestrians can easily see there is a group on the move.

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